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By Ken Custer

   In 1955, when I first went to work in the broadcast field, there were four television stations and 11 radio stations in...


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   The Broadcast Pioneers of Colorado (BPC) lunch at the Summit Steak House on August 12 featured Meteorologist Justin McHeffey and Rob McClure bringing the... more
Compiled by Ken Custer    In a discussion with Marilee Yorchak, Executive Director of Colorado BMA, she mentioned and excellent presentation about Growth Hacking at... more
   Members of Creative Connections learned how to market on a shoestring budget from Debra Jason, The Write Direction, at the Friday, June 5 meeting. (Pictured are... more
Are Newsletters In Your Marketing Toolbox? By Debra Jaaon When you think of direct marketing promotions, a newsletter probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.... more
Compiled by Ken Custer  Back in the day, I was a Media Buyer at a Denver agency and placed a lot of radio and TV dollars. We used Arbitron and Neilson books, crunched... more

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